Sometimes the dental fear becomes so big that it becomes a fright or a phobia. Usually it is not fear of the dentist as a person, but to the actual situation, the dental instruments and equipment or fear of pain during the treatment.

To be able to relax and undergo treatment sometimes you need some help. Intravenous sedation is a proven and well-known method. It involves a small needle in your arm where we introduce sedatives. You will be totally relaxed and calm.

We constantly monitor your breathing and heart rate during the treatment. When we are finished with your treatment, you get a little antidote that quickens you. We recommend that you avoid driving on the same day of the sedation and that you go home and relax a while after the session..

IV sedation does not cure dental phobia but has the advantage that you are totally relaxed and that you can undergo even an extensive dental treatment during just one session. After the treatment, you should continue to visit us to reduce the fear. Our objective is that you, with our help, can overcome your dental fear.