If you are troubled by dull ache, sensitivity to cold and/or heat, swelling and tenderness that may be a sign of a damaged pulp. However, it is not always you get symptoms.  A vivid pulp/tooth is of course preferable, but the tooth can be saved even if the pulp would die. The solution of this would be root canal treatment.

Why root canal?
An inflammation or infection inside the tooth means that the tooth’s inner, the pulp cavity is damaged and the tooth must have endodontic treatment. There are more reasons for a tooth to need a root canal done. i.e a a tooth with a previous deep or not tight filling, large decays, trauma to the tooth, etc.

How does a root treatment work?
A root canal treatment involves for the dentist to remove what’s causing the problem/pain, such as tooth decay, if possible. Thereafter, the pulp cavity is cleaned and the root canals are filled with a sealer and Gutta-percha

We use a new, safe and well documented method where we treat the tooth with WaveOne, a mechanical method that simplifies the performance and shortens the treatment time considerably. Afterwards, when the root canal is done, cleaned and filled, the tooth needs either a filling or a crown. The treatment is usually done with conventional local anesthesia and thereby painless. So, about endodontics being a painful treatment there is no reason to be concerned.