Not so long ago the dentist had to make a big cavity in the tooth even though it was a small carious lesion. Today, we treat much more carefully, we have the ability to work “tooth saving”. Caries can also “heal” by itself if small. But if it doesn´t, we need to treat it with a filling. When preparing a cavity you usually have anesthesia to make the tooth numb and painless. It also help you relax more easily.

We use composite, a material made out of plastics and microscopic glass pieces for the best results of white fillings. We shape the filling to make it look like a natural part of the tooth before we make it hard using a special blue light.
Composite fillings are available in many different shades to match the color of your teeth. Furthermore it is strong and can handle big loads.

The fillings are in general so realistic that only you and your dentist can see them.