A crown is the best option when there is too large part of the tooth that needs to be replaced or if we see that the tooth aesthetically needs to change both the color and shape. It is the most secure and aesthetic option, and usually it is the best solution for molars whereas crowns are stronger than fillings. Sometimes it can be so little left of the tooth that there is no possibility to attach a crown. Then we need to fabricate a post/pin in the tooth as an extra support for the crown.

Bridge structure
A bridge structure is several crowns joined together. It is often used to replace a missing tooth and to fill a gap between the teeth. The teeth next to the gap, in front of and behind of the gap are prepared, grinded and they are used to support the bridge.

Production of crown
In order to make a crown and also a bridge the dentist needs to grind away the outer part of the tooth so that he crown will sit in the best way. We take an impression that we send to the dental technician, along with notes about how we want the new tooth to be designed. Once the crown is ready, about 5 to 7 days after the impression is taken, we cement it (glues it to the tooth) and the result is a fine and natural smile.

A bridge is produced at same way as a crown.