Dental Fear

We believe in modern dentistry performed in a comfortable and safe environment where we have time for you and where your participation is very important to us.

Feeling worried about an upcoming dental visit is very common. The hardest part may be to take the first step, to make an appointment.
We are a dental team focused on helping all of you who feel anxiety and nervousness.
The most important thing is that you as patient feel comfortable and safe with us. One step towards the cure of dental fear is through acclimation that will make you feel more and more relaxed during your visits.

As help and relief, we offer several options. Everything from sedatives, nitrous oxide/laughing gas to intravenous sedation. Christina is specialized in dental fear and nitrous oxide treatment. Please feel free to bring your favorite music for you to listen at during treatment.

You may as many times you like, during the treatment, take small breaks, to sit up and rest for a bit. We will help you relax and make sure the treatment is done in your pace.

One small tip is to start by making an appointment for an examination. This way you get a smooth start, simply get to know feel how it feels and get to know us.

We do everything we can to cure your dental fear.