”Feels like home”
Our aim is give you a relaxed and good dental experience. Have a cup of coffee, read a magazine or connect to our Wifi before it´s your turn.

You don’t’ have to be afraid anymore
Forget everything you’ve seen, heard and felt about the dentist. We offer you a complete treatment to overcome dental fear. Our specialized team offers you a unique treatment including laughing gas, or IV sedation.

“Our vision”
We work with preventive dental care and our vision is that you will have lifelong healthy teeth and a great smile. We customize your dental treatment according to your needs to achieve maximum function and esthetics.

A fully digitized clinic
Our clinic is fully digitalized, which means that medical records and x-rays are stored digitally. The digital X-ray technology we use have significant smaller exposure to radiation and the image have better quality when displayed on the computer screen. Another advantage is that the technique does not require any chemicals which is good for the environment.

We also have a digital intraoral camera, for taking pictures inside the mouth. It gives us the opportunity to document your oral health, decays/cavities or damage as well as completed treatment.

The clinic has zero amalgam discharges into the environment thanks to our amalgam separator that separates and stores hazardous discharge safely. We only us NIOM- certified materials and no amalgam (mercury/silver/metals).